ATAS Holdings is made up of two fine gentlemen who strongly believe in constant skills upgrade and acquiring new knowledge. Our goal to contribute to education and learning by putting together expert educators and institutions who are professionals in their respective niche. We gathered a wide variety of comprehensive curriculum from various partners which address to different sectors’ needs and hope to be the core facility in assisting our students in their learning journey.

The word “ATAS” in Singapore English Language means “High-Class” and in Malay Language it means “Above”. With our comprehensive training materials and reputable partners we are working with, ATAS Holdings will be portrayed as a high-class company, above all others. It will be a reliable and respectable company where anyone who wish to do knowledge and skills self-upgrading will take us as their first choice in selection.

Our entity ATAS Academy specializes in training adults for skills and knowledge related to their respective industries. We also have Skillsfuture courses which Singaporeans above the age of 25 can use their credits for learning. The other entity ATAS Sports specializes in targeted training and skills upgrade for selected sports.

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